2010-02-14 09:05 pm

accidental marriage outtake

asleep with roses in my hand
(outtake from lonely was the song I sang, David's POV)

A/N: Basically this exists so that I could work out some of David's motivations. It's just a scene from the actual story, but the POV is flipped from Nick to David.

asleep with roses in my hand )
2009-11-03 12:03 pm

you might feel tonight is real (Joe/Demi/Nick, PG-13)

you might feel tonight is real
Joe/Demi/Nick, during CR2 filming
(this is really only PG-13 for the threesome)

you might feel tonight is real )
2009-10-09 09:10 pm

history repeats (Joe/Nick, etc. PG)

history repeats
Nick/Joe, bb!Nick/bb!Joe, some bb!Nick/Joe/Nick/bb!Joe cuddling, and damn that is confusing!

This was originally commentfic at boyfriends_fic@LJ. Thanks to doctor_denmark@LJ & blackwayfarers@LJ for the beta job after I actually finished it.

history repeats )
2009-08-30 09:15 pm

completely unexpected (Joe/Nick, NC-17, spanking)

I don't even know, you guys. There was a challenge at boyfriends_fic, and yeah.

uhm, birthday spankings. )